2014 Reverse Collection Results

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The Reverse Collection money grew over 4 times and was given away to good causes across the world.  Here’s the the story:

The congregation of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Norwood, MA, voted at the January 2014 meeting to fund a Reverse Collection during the spring with $1500 from last year’s offering.  Another $950 was donated by individual members and friends of the congregation for a total of $2450 to “seed” the reverse collection. 50 individuals or families participated in the reverse collection and received $50 each (or in one case a participant used $30 of his own money) with instructions to:

    • Spend the money on someone other than yourself.

    • Feel free to pool resources with another person or family.

    • Do good deeds in the world beyond Emmanuel’s walls.

    • When possible, let others know you’re doing this as a member of Emmanuel.

    • Tell the story (orally or in writing) of how you spent the money.

    • Have fun!

With additional money donated by individuals, matched by employers, or used to fund raise, the total donated grew to over $6400.  The geographic distribution of donations is:

14% of the participants donated to international organizations;

24% donated to US organizations outside Massachusetts;

62% donated to local or Massachusetts organizations.

Copies of a document containing the stories of the Reverse Collection can be found in the hallway outside the church office and in the following link: