A Message from the Council regarding 2015 pledges

The following email went out to the Congregation on December 23:

The Congregation Council is writing to ask that you thoughtfully consider increasing your pledged giving for 2015, if you are able. Projected pledges and giving are $25,000 less than budgeted expenses for 2015. We respectfully request that increase your giving so we can pay our staff, heat our church, maintain the buildings, run our Sunday school, provide music at worship, and give to the Synod to support important causes outside our immediate church. These are all basic goals we have been able to accomplish in the past and which you expect us to accomplish in the coming year. In past years when projected giving has not fully covered our budget we have supplemented our income from the prior year’s surplus in giving. This year that will not be possible. Not only are we not expecting a surplus in giving this year but 2014 giving is about $5700 behind what was pledged and estimated, and is not fully covering our 2014 expenses. We are also expecting to need to fund some major physical improvements to the church basement and grounds to remediate water damage in the coming year. You can help by revising your 2015 pledge upwards and making sure you give what you pledged in 2014. We have a new minister, a vibrant congregation with many plans and goals, and we need your support. You can pick up a pledge card in the church office hallway and put a revised pledge in the “Treasure Chest” after worship service; or you can email our church Financial Secretary with a revised pledge to KendraLassen@comcast.net.

Thank you,

Arlene Cegelis, Congregation Council President