Baby Care Kits

Remember the 3 Wise Men? They traveled to Bethlehem in search of a new king and they arrived with gifts to bestow upon the baby Jesus.
Let’s make January a month of remembering the many babies who are born to mothers around the world who, like Mary, have very little to offer to a newborn in terms of clothing and supplies. It is our hope that Emmanuel will be able to send 60 baby care kits off to Lutheran World Relief by the end of the month.
Much of the work has already been done behind the scenes—and we are using grants from Thrivent to buy many of the needed items at wholesale prices on-line.

But, we still must collect:

– 60 hand towels (dark colors preferred) (Tip: Ocean State Job Lot has these for $2.00!)
– 60 pairs of diaper pins (Tip: Walmart is a good source)
– 240 cloth diapers (flat-fold) (Tip: Walmart sells a package of 10 for $10.00. They can also be ordered on-line through Amazon)
– 120-180 bars of Ivory soap—how many we need depends upon the
size of the bars
– $ donations for missing items (check to Emmanuel, with “baby care
kits” on the memo line)

We will come together at the beginning of February to assemble the baby kits! Thanks for whatever you can do to make this drive a success!
Questions? Contact Susan Lawson