Friday Night Live Laser Quest Permission – Jan 31

On Friday, January 31st the Emmanuel Lutheran Group will hold its Friday night activity at Laser Quest located at 1580 VFW Parkway, Parkway Plaza, West Roxbury, MA.  We will meet at Laser Quest at 7pm and parents should pick their youth up at 9pm. The cost for two games of Laser Tag is $20.00.  In order for your son or daughter to participate in this event the below permission form as well as the contact information form will need to be completed and given to Pastor Amanda on or before January 31st, 2020.

In order for youth to participate in this event the below form needs to be filled out.  If you prefer you may print a hard copy of this form and provide to Pastor Amanda.  Laser Quest Participation Permission form

I, the parent/caregiver of

give permission for my child to attend and participate in Emmanuel Lutheran Church Youth Group (Friday Night Live)’s offsite event on Friday January 31st at Laser Quest in West Roxbury, MA. I understand that adult chaperones will be on site for the purpose of supervision, and cannot be held personally liable for accidental injury. I understand that participants should be present for meetings from 7pm – 9pm unless otherwise specified, and that I will ensure that my child is picked up no later than 9pm.