January 25, 2015 Congregation Meeting Minutes & Annual Reports

Congregational Meeting Minutes
January 25, 2015
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Norwood, Masschusetts
A. Opening Devotions
Pastor Amanda Warner led the Congregation in opening devotions.

B. Call to order, Quorum and Rules for Procedure
Meeting opened at 9:57 AM. Arlene Cegelis announced that a quorum was present, and opened the meeting.


C. Review and approval of the minutes of the 2014 Congregational Meetings
A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the minutes of the June 29, 2014, October 26, 2014 and November 16, 2014 Congregational Meetings.

D. Report of the Nominating Committee
The following people were nominated by the Nominating Committee represented by Rick Martin:
Auditor (3 year term ending January 2018):  Lorraine Lynch
Mission Endowment (1 person for 3 year term ending January 2018):  Carl Balduf.
Usher Chairperson (1 year term):  Carl Balduf
Head Ushers – First Service (2 persons for 1 year terms):  Don Carow
Head Usher –  Second Service (1 person for 1 year term):  Tony Nikolassy
Altar Guild Chairperson (1 year term):  Heather Crisafulli
Synod Voting Members – June 5-6, 2015 Synod meeting (1 female. 1 male) –  Rick Martin, Anne Martin
Nominating Committee (6 persons serving January 2015-January 2016 to nominate for offices in June 2015 and January 2016) as follows:
2 outgoing Council members:  Arlene Cegelis, Janice Wright
3 at-large members:   Judy Alliano, Cindy Zafft, Val Dutcher
1 youth representative:  Allison Silletti
Congregation Council members (2 persons to fill incomplete terms):  Byron Sol (2-1/2 year term) and Vik Benson (1/2 year term).
For each of the above nominations, a motion were made, seconded, and approved to close nominations and all were elected by unanimous vote.

D.  Financial Report
Beth Donovan gave a 2014 financial report summary.   Fuel and Salaries and Allowances were $7700  above budget.  Income was $10,000 over budget after the year end appeal.  Beth thanked the congregation.
She also noted the following:
To balance the operating account, the Council voted to move $1007.60 to cover the deficit at year end due to higher expenditures. The Council also voted to move $2000 from Holiday Flower fund to Capital Improvement Fund.  They also voted to transfer $188 from Program Fund to cover the church’s Lutheran magazine subscriptions for the past year and an additional $240 to cover this year’s subscriptions; and to transfer $971.60 from the Program Fund to cover Women’s Retreat expenses remaining from the past few years.
Mission Endowment donated to Typhoon Relief and the Norwood Food Pantry.
The Reserve for Contingencies (RFC) contains over $96,000.
Arlene Cegelis announced that the Report of the Treasurer will be filed for audit by the Audit team.

E.  Approval of 2015 Operating Budget

Rich Lassen provided the following overview of the budget:
2014 pledge income finished ahead of budget–though there was an overall operating deficit.  2015 pledges and estimated giving now total $213,000, an increase over 2014.  Since income does not fully cover expenses we will be supplementing income from other sources. Part of the Newcomer and Small Groups Minister salary will be paid out of the Program Fund and an additional $4369 will be transferred from RFC to balance the 2015 budget.  The Synod pledge will be 5% of current envelope giving—down from 7.5% last year.  Gutter cleaning is a new budget item.  We will also be accruing money for the Pastor’s sabbatical in 2018.  A 3% salary increase is included for staff (except for the Pastor), the first increase since 2009.  There are also significant property expenditures planned for 2015 including basement rehabilitation, tiling, asbestos remediation and exterior work; transfer from RFC and fund raising will need to be done to add to the Capital Improvement fund. Rich thanked Beth Donovan, the Stewardship team and the Counters.
A question was asked about the $60,000 estimated fund raising for Capital Improvements.  Rich said if we could not raise what is needed we would have to take more from RFC and maybe spread out work on projects.  A question was also asked about insurance proceeds.  It was noted that insurance payments are not yet known and are not included in the budget.  Joy explained that we should know soon about what part of the asbestos removal and retiling will be paid by insurance. Vik Benson acknowledged Joy Peter for the amount of work she has put into the basement tile project.

A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the 2015 budget.

F. Reports of Staff, Ministry Teams and Organizations –  Arlene Cegelis noted that reports were distributed and the congregation is encouraged to read them.

G.  New Business
There were no new business items or announcements for the good of the congregation.

CLOSING PRAYER –  Arlene Cegelis led the Congregation in closing prayer

The meeting was adjourned at 10:44 AM.

Respectfully submitted by Congregation Council Secretary,
Peg Flood

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