June is Staff Appreciation Month

We will be celebrating Emmanuel’s wonderful staff members during the month of June 2017, and we need your help.

  • Alice Wuschke, Administrative Assistant
  • Beth Donovan, Treasurer
  • Carlos and Angelina, Custodial Staff
  • Diane Bragg, Parish Administrator
  • Gabby Heath, Minister of Music
  • Kendra Lassen, Financial Secretary
  • Amanda Warner, Pastor

Each week we will recognize their hard work and dedication by giving them a little something to show our appreciation.  We invite all members of the congregation to participate!  There are opportunities to contribute gifts of appreciation (see below), and everyone is encouraged to visit our table during coffee hour during the first three weeks of June to write messages of thanks to each staff member.

We will be grateful for any help you can provide!

The Mutual Ministry Team

Laurie Alley (chair), Chris Alberg, Dan Busler, Doris Dimpel, Linnea Keyes, and Tammie Ruda