Minutes of the June 28, 2015 Congregation Meeting

Congregation Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2015
Emmanuel Lutheran Church,
Norwood, Massachusetts

CALL TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at  10:57 AM by Council president Arlene Cegelis who declared that a quorum was .

OPENING PRAYER – Pastor Amanda Warner led the congregation in an opening prayer.


A. Review and approval of the minutes of the January 2015 Annual Meeting – A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes of the January 25, 2015 meeting.

B. Report of the Nominating Committee – Election of Council Members and Mission
Endowment Fund Member.
Congregation Council, 3 year term from June 2015-June 2018:
Carleton Gebhardt
Joanne Balduf
Arlene Cegelis

Congregation Council, 1 year term for a youth member from June 2015-June 2016:
Katarina Ruda

Mission Endowment Commitee, 2 ½ year term June 2015-January 2018:
Janice McHugh.

Nominations were opened for the above positions, a motion was made, seconded and approved to close nominations; and a motion was made, seconded and approved by the Congregation to elect the above individuals to the open positions.  Arlene thanked the individuals who are elected to serve.

C.  Report on the Audit committee – The report on the the Financial Books for 2014 is available and Lorraine Lynch asked if there were any questions.  There were none.  The report will be filed.

D.  Mid-year 2015 financial update – Beth Donovan reviewed the treasurer’s report:  income through May is almost $5000 ahead of budget.  Total outside contributions are ahead of budget and Beth thanked Diane Bragg for following up with groups that use the church.  The fuel costs continue to be high. Overall, income is about $6700 ahead of expenses. On the Summary of Accounts, Capital Improvement is over $50,000 and the Pass Through account is about $50,000 due to insurance payments being held until repair work is done.
Beth also reviewed the status of the Mission Endowment Fund started with $5000 in 2002.  Contributions over time, income and expenditures were outlined along with a summary of Fund acitivity and a scenario showing expenditures at 20% without donations.

E.  Report on Property Projects – Joy Peter reviewed the property projects.  All that remains of repair from water damage to the Nursery School are stair treads, door painting and floor waxing.  Because we did some work ourselves we were able to complete the hallway flooring outside the old nursery room.  Exterior grading to address water problems has a task force and they are interviewing a promising company after some other companies have bowed out due to the small job size.  The Water Task Force consists of Carl Balduf, Glenn Ott, David Staaf, Rick Martin, Janice McHugh, and Pastor Warner.  Carl Balduf has been working to refine the plans.  The Basement Task Force is Dave Staaf, Janice McHugh, Carl Balduf, Kai Frerichs, Rich Lassen, and Pastor Warner. Basement work specifications are done and they are expecting bids from 3 contractors. They expect to do some flooring work this summer and hope to complete the basement work in the fall.  Bryon Sol is helping design WiFi access in basement.

F.  Discussion and Vote on Mission Endowment Fund Resolution Change – Peg Flood presented a proposal to change the Mission Endowment Fund as follows:
The name of the fund is changed to “Mission Fund”.
Up to 20% of total fund balance (principal, interest and dividends) may be spent annually.
$5000 lower boundary established for the fund balance (subject to defined emergency use requirements).
In addition to the Mission Fund Committee, the Congregation Council may recommend distributions from the fund.
The Finance Ministry Team will oversee investment of the Fund, reflecting current practices for the past several years.
Discussion was opened. Dixon Brandt gave some background on the Fund and its history.  Some questions were asked and comments were made by Tammi Ruda, Sheri and Tony Nikolassy, Helen Rezendes, and Lorraine Lynch.
The congregation voted to approve the motion to change the bylaws of the Mission Endowment fund (see below).

G.  Recognition of members finishing terms on the Congregation Council – Arlene Cegelis recognized and thanking the following people:

Vik Benson– finishing a six month term after being elected to complete an open three year term
Arlene Cegelis– finishing a first term, having served as president during that time and continuing on council for a second term
Allison Silletti– finishing a one year term as a youth member
Janice Wright– finishing a first term, having served as vice-president during that time

H.  Introduction of members of the Mutual Ministry Committee appointed by Congregation Council – Arlene Cegelis introduced the following people:

Dan Busler – begins his first year of his first term         2015-2017
Cameron Rogers – begins her first year of her first term     2015-2017

Continuing to serve on the Mutual Ministry Committee are:
Helene Bier – serving her second year of her first term        2014 – 2016
Laurie Alley – serving her second year of her first term           2014 – 2016
Tammie Ruda – serving her second year of her first term       2014 – 2016
Chris Alberg – serving his second year of his first term    2014 – 2016

I. Other business for the congregation.  There was none.

CLOSING PRAYER- Pastor Amanda Warner led the congregation in a closing prayer.
Meeting adjourned at 11:43 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Peg Flood, Congregation Council Secretary