More Than Words Book Drive

Emmanuel will conduct is annual SpringBook Drive Rummage Sale at the end of April; however, during the same period, we will be running a book drive in conjunction with a fabulous organization called, “More Than Words.”
Young people who become involved in this program learn how to sell books in the More Than Words café and on the internet. They learn valuable skills in organizing the items in their warehouse, in making sales, and in customer service.
We can donate books (including text books), records, CDs, DVDs, and video games. MTW will come to Emmanuel to pick up our donations and they try to make good use of every item they receive. So, this is the time to go through your home and pick out volumes that you have already read (or will never read). Review your CD and DVD collections. Are there video games that are just sitting on the shelf? And, MTW will even take records if you have any! As with any other organization, they would like to receive items that are in fairly good condition, so keep that in mind.

You may bring in your contributions in time for the Rummage Sale because all books/DVDs/CDs/records that are not sold by noon on Saturday, April 29, will be diverted to our book drive. The book drive will formally begin on Thursday, April 20 and will end on Thursday, May 4, with pick-up by MTW on that day. Let’s help a worthy community organization devoted to the development of young people and de-clutter our homes at the same time. Talk about a WIN-WIN!
Questions? Send an e-mail to Susan Lawson