Pysanky Egg Decorating – April 9th

Pysanky EggsA Pysanky Egg is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method. The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, “to write”, as the designs are not painted on, but written with beeswax. The Sol family has learned how to do this beautiful craft and would like to share the joy in crafting these eggs with you and will be hosting an egg dyeing session on Sunday, April 9th at 2pm.Pysanky Eggs-2
Approximate time to create one egg is 30 to 60 minutes. Creation of these eggs does involve the use of hot wax and flames and children need to be supervised while crafting these eggs. We are asking those who attend pay $5.00 which will cover the cost of supplies and eggs. Please sign up and let us know that you are coming so that we can have enough materials available. There’s a sheet outside the church offices and online HERE!